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With more than 100 different websites made, we serve thousands of people all over the world every day.

What we do

We are an internet company. We own many different websites within a width range of niches. Our websites differ from informational websites which generate Google Adsense revenue, to our own webshops with stock. Every day we serve thousands of people all over the world with our content and products and we are growing rapidly every day.

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Present in almost every niche

Serving people all over the world

Hosting more than 100 websites

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Customer experience is one of our main priorities and although we don't actively ask customers to leave reviews, some customers are so happy with us they leave a review themself, which you can read below.
andries b.v.


andries b.v.
Good service and great communication, I definitely recommend this company!


andries b.v.
Great service. I really recommend this company! Got my money back when I got a product I didn't buy. So great!


andries b.v.
Nette en fijne verkoper.
Goed contact en een snelle levering van het product voor een mooie prijs!

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andries b.v.

Building websites

With hunderds of websites made in the last year, we think we could call ourself an expert when it comes to building websites. Wordpress is our main CMS, but we aren't afraid of a bit of HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL or whatever language needed to fix the job.

Website optimalisation and marketing

Marketing has unwillingly become one of our specialisations. Without search engine optimalisation or ads, you can't score. Marketing is our kickstarter, so we better know how to use it in our favour. 
andries b.v.